DNA Database Hit of the Year Award

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA) Hit of the Year Award is designed to recognize the value of DNA database technology to solve and to prevent crime throughout the world. It is meant to bring recognition to these databases so that crime victims receive the justice they deserve and to encourage more countries to enhance their database to take advantage of the world's greatest crime fighting technology. The award is also meant to recognize the extraordinary dedication and hard work of DNA scientists and criminal investigators who use DNA databases to bring justice to crime victims.

Starting in 2017, GTH-GA will conduct the annual Hit of the Year Award competition. GTH-GA will partner with a diverse group of international judges to review the cases and select a winner. GTH-GA will present the award to the winning case at the annual Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) which occurs each May.


2017 Hit of the Year Award

Notice of Call for Submissions

List of Submitted Cases

Summary of Top 10 Finalist Cases

Panel of 2017 Judges

Hit of the Year Presentation

Press Release

Award Ceremony Photos


2018 Award (coming in 2018)

2019 Award (coming in 2019)